13 Types of Wedding Cake (Flavors, Icing & Shapes)

Besides your wedding dress, the wedding cake is one of the major attractions of your special day. A lovely and delicious cake simply makes the atmosphere warmer and more aesthetic. It is actually the centerpiece of your reception area.

Tiered wedding cake

Tiered white wedding cake

In the middle of all the flowery details of the venue, your cake will stand high making a statement. When deciding on the wedding cake you need to consider a lot of things which includes the flavor, wedding theme, decoration, etc. There are many types of wedding cakes available today. They may be categorized in the forms of shapes, flavors, decorations, toppings, etc. Here we will discuss some of the most popular types of wedding cakes.

Type of flavors

The most important thing about cake is its flavor. The last thing you will want is your guests not liking the taste of your cake. So, you should choose the flavor carefully. Nowadays you will find cakes having exotic flavors. But you should try to stay on the safe side and be careful in choosing those flavors. The majority of the guests might not like it. You can choose from the following flavors:


Nothing can go wrong with this flavor. It’s everyone’s favorite. You can go with the traditional vanilla wedding cake and everyone will enjoy it. It is easy to dress up and you can use any type of frosting and filling to go along with it.

Red velvet

The color of this cake represents love, so it is a popular choice of wedding cakes among couples. The flavor of this cake is something between vanilla and chocolate. Cream cheese frosting goes best with this cake.


It is a childhood favorite flavor and many people like it. So, it can be a good choice for your wedding. You can mix it with flavor accents like strawberry or orange. You can choose Belgian chocolate for a rich flavor and German chocolate for a light flavor.


This is a popular choice for summer weddings. It’s zesty and light flavor goes well with the warm weather. The color also symbolizes freshness. You can add strawberries and raspberries on top of the cake. Whipped cream goes well with the cake.


This cake contains grated carrots and is a perfect choice for those who want a non-traditional cake. You can add cream cheese frosting to make it more delicious.
Wedding cakes usually have multiple layers. So, if you want to add exotic flavors to your cake, you can add it to one layer and make the rest of the layers with traditional flavor. This will please all your guests.

Type of icing

The icing is an important part of cake decoration. It enhances the look, makes the platform for toppings and also tastes good. These are the types of icing you can use on your cake:

Royal icing

Royal icing is usually used for decorating flowers, piping, beading, etc. You can also use it to cover your entire cake. But it is better to stick to decorating only as the icing gets really hard when dried. So, it will be hard to cut the cake and many people might not like the hard texture of it.


Buttercream is a very common form of icing used in wedding cakes. It gives a wonderful buttery flavor. It is easy to apply and the texture is soft. You can use it to decorate your cake as well. However, if your wedding is taking place in summer and in an outdoor venue, then this type of icing is not appropriate as it might melt.


Marzipan icing is made from almond paste. The icing can be rolled and used to make figures, flowers, and shapes. You can apply food coloring easily on this icing.


You can use this fondant in any season; it won’t melt in summer. You can roll it into a fine sheet and make decorative patterns with it as you wish.

Before choosing the type of frosting, you should consider the weather and the type of decoration you want on your wedding cake.

Shapes of cakes

You should choose cake shape according to your style of wedding. Here are the common wedding cake shapes that you can choose from.


This is a simple shape that gives a classic look. It creates the platform for all kinds of decoration. This traditional cake will always look good and suit any wedding style.


If you are looking for something different then you can choose this shape. It will give your cake a modern look and you can do some outstanding decorations on this shape.


You can go very romantic with a multi-tiered heart-shaped cake. It will symbolize the love you will share with your spouse. Flowers and beads will look very good on it.


This shape looks like a flower and is often called petal-shape. You can do hand painting on it and add details that will look amazing.

ou can choose funky shapes also for your wedding cake in order to give it a different look. But make sure that it goes well along with your wedding decoration.

Decorations and toppers

You can open up your imagination and be creative with it. You can add gems, shimmer and paint for creating beautiful designs. Decorating wedding cake is an art and you can use all these to create something unique. You can add toppers like miniature models of bride and groom, initials of you and your spouse, etc.

Choosing wedding cake can be a difficult decision to make. The best way to decide is to follow your heart. Before ordering your wedding cake you must consider the number of guests who will be attending your wedding. After all, you don’t want anyone leaving disappointed for not getting a piece of your delicious wedding cake!

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