Benefits of Cupcakes for Your Wedding Cake

Almost every woman dreamt of her ideal wedding since she was a little girl. Growing up, that dream is slowly turning into reality.

If you have attended a wedding these past few months or years, you might be already aware that serving cupcakes is a new trend in modern weddings.

Ever wondered how those delicious home-made snacks are now under the spotlight in modern weddings? Here’s why:

Wedding cupcakes as centerpiece at a wedding's reception

Benefits of Cupcakes for Your Wedding Cake

Cupcakes ensures that everybody will get a bite.

Let’s admit it. We all have attended a wedding celebration where we don’t even get a taste of the cake.

Sometimes, the bride and groom find it difficult to estimate the actual number of guests. How big should a cake be for a number of guests? You will never know! And, we don’t want all your money to be put into waste anyway.

So instead on spending so much on the cake, why not give everyone a taste of equally delicious treat! You can easily count the number of cupcakes to the estimated number of guests! All you have to do is make sure to have enough cupcakes for everyone!2.

It’s a practical and economical

Not everyone can afford a tower-sized cake. Also, not everyone has a reception where a towering cake can comfortably sit in the middle without causing any distractions. Cupcakes, on the other hand, is not only more affordable, it is also cute and decorative. You can easily decorate it flat on the table or on cupcake stands with various heights. You can display it anyway you like to match your wedding motif. Cupcakes are very affordable yet classy and pretty on any events–especially weddings!

Quick and easy

From making to dining and cleaning up, cupcakes make a huge different as a part of menu. First, it is very easy to make. It doesn’t take much time (compared to cake-making). If you are not a D-I-Y person, it is still okay since it’s also easy to order from various bakeshops.

Dining is also made easy with cupcakes. It is easy to eat and no additional dining utensil is needed. You can just pick it up and get ready to mingle with everyone in the even!

Lastly, cupcakes are easier to cleanup since it comes with its own paper-thin cover. It doesn’t stain the plates that much and many many serving can fit into one plate. Unlike cakes, no need for fork and plate. This means lesser job for the dishwasher.


Just like what I have mentioned above, you can either display your cupcakes nicely on the bridal table, or build a tower of cupcakes with fancy cupcake stands–but the versatility of cupcakes doesn’t end there. Imagine, you can have the most of everything in one event. You can have various flavors, colors and design on your wedding!

With the traditional wedding cake or cake-only-weddings, you get around 1-3 flavors or variant of the cake which is usually per cake layer. However with cupcakes, you can get more flavors as much as you want. That is enough to satisfy the unique tastes of your guests.

Looks Great

A cupcake arrangement can look amazing; like a bouquet of flowers.  All the colors and shapes create an eye-catching display that dresses up the reception area plus looks ohhhhh so yummy to eat.  In fact, with enough of them, you can dress up an entire table which is really cool.

No cutting

Cutting cake takes a long time and gets messy.  Nobody ever wants to do it either.  Cutting cake for 200 guests can take forever and then you need to hand them out.  It’s difficult enough to do at birthdays with 25 people; forget about it at a huge wedding.

People help themselves

After the cupcake cutting event, guests can help themselves to the cupcakes.  It’s cleaner and easier for everyone to enjoy the “wedding cake”.

Disadvantages of Cupcakes

No symbolic first cut by the newly wedded couple

The first cut of the cake by the newly wedded couple is a symbolic event at every wedding.  Together they hold knife and slice down.  Their first act together married.

While they can cut a cupcake, it’s not as symbolic since a cupcake is something eaten individually.  The symbolism loses it’s lustre.


A well-made cake will always taste better than a cupcake.  I love cake and when done right, it’s hard to match that with a cupcake recipe.


Cupcakes are everybody’s favorite. Having one on your wedding is totally not a bad idea. It’s sweet, pretty and easy to make and eat. No wonder why it is a trending part of the  menu on almost any event!

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